author, author

I’ve never owned a pocket sized pistol
but I’ll pull my six-gun out
with no hesitation

blam! blam!

you better stay on the right of me
I can be a dangerous man

I don’t go much for ships or boats
but with a patch to cover my eye
I’ll cruise the high seas

arrh! arrh!

if I see your sail from the top of my wave
I will tack you down

I’m no great shakes for wild romance
but with a rose between my teeth
I’ll dance flamenco


you can clack the castanets
while I stamp around you

I don’t get out much from behind my desk
but I can see myself at your place
opening a bottle


if I can call your lips into a picture in my mind
I’ll pen you into this story

© Frank Prem, 2014

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