palmer’s not

Poem #53 from Small Town Kid

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for mick, who didn’t make it

palmer’s not swinging on her arm tonight
he got delayed somewhere
she’ll have to make do with the rest of us
take a drink and kill the hours

palmer’s not eating what his mama cooked
he’s not sleeping in his bed
we set a place but I might help myself
to an extra serve of egg and a sausage

palmer’s not turning up on time at work
he must have over-slept
the boss is talking about stopping his pay
and I think we’re going to be on overtime

palmer’s not collecting for the tipping pool
he didn’t lay the bets last week
somebody else ought to take the job
because the horses are still running

palmer’s not marrying next saturday
and he didn’t pay for my tuxedo
the bride’s putting back the wedding gown
I’ll see you at the church

© Frank Prem 2009

Small Town Kid Poem 54: small town kids


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