Poem #52 from Small Town Kid

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driving the night
traveling home
from a gathering at some party
in myrtleford

oncoming lights sway
and weave
hypnotising in dance

slow down
pull over
stop the car
watch and wait them
to pass


five minutes from home

three minutes delay

ten minutes post-contact

they are gone


mothers shed tears
while fathers just stare
and friends can’t believe
these were the ones
that we loved

christine and jill
where are you
where are you
why won’t you answer
when we call

© Frank Prem 2009

Small Town Kid Poem 53: palmer’s not


7 thoughts on “vale

    • Hi Mick. No, only Susie recently. Coincidentally, a few poems on road deaths. Back at the time the memoir is set, we were losing around 1,000 people to death on the roads per annum. Most families/individuals were touched by the carnage.


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