one from six


and where I walked
the flowers grew
each pace a garden
of paradise

a touch gave life

all was good
and flourished


and where I walked
the softwoods sprang
graceful in the striving air
of paradise

each thought gave life

and it rose tall
towards the sky


and where I walked
the gnarl-wood sprang
hard and knotted
on the floor
of paradise

each idea was a barbed vine

all was still


and where I walked
an odour rose
death in the tender heart
of paradise

every beat a bleeding lie

empty space lay
where the blossom bloomed


and where I walked
a white shoot rose
blanched from the dark
beneath paradise

sunlight a guiding path

to take a step
is to re-new life


and where I walk
the forests stand
I am the old wood
of paradise

each breath is mine from the mountain

where I am
is a heartbeat

© Frank Prem, 2009


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