the weekend (of mr clean)


mr clean takes off
his friday tie and shirt
tie to a hanger
shirt to wash

leather pants and studs
laid out on the queen-size bed
are ready for the night


slender cheeky-chaps
and lewd gyrations
become dark-cornered
velvet heaven
in the throbbing beat
of the crimson room


he wakes up
in a strangers bed
takes his head into his hands
and holds a trembled breath
then rises
to find a bathroom


mr clean spends sunday solitaire
doesn’t move much
from the couch
or the play of sport on tv
that he hardly notices
at all


his shirt is crispy white
the tie a pattern
of yellow spotted-diamonds
beneath a suit
sharp enough to cut
through any dirty
monday questions

© Frank Prem, 2008

3 thoughts on “the weekend (of mr clean)

  1. Brutal in form and layout – but in a very positive way – it certainly adds to the absolute idea, of sharp contrasts, that embrace and one embraces, in a life

    Liked by 1 person

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