libby’s puzzle

Poem #45 from Small Town Kid Back to Small Town Kid – Introduction

little libby was
the runt in a line
of older sisters
and bigger brothers

everything in the world
was already known
before she came along
and someone else
owned all the simple answers

was the only mystery left
in a tiny universe
a puzzle
growing up and searching
for her own pieces

some of the boys
tried to help her out
by touch
but they only
added clouds
to the picture

by the time
we visited the fairway
near the green
she was already tired
drifted beyond caring
my clumsy presence
more hope than help

for her it was already
just an old habit
but I at least
felt some pieces move
in a pursuit
of higher learning

© Frank Prem 2009

Small Town Kid Poem 46: not the mandalay



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