between sink and stove

Poem #49 from Small Town Kid

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if we look in mcphails
we might find what we want
they don’t do much new
but it’ll function alright

old wardrobes with drawers
two for our room
one for the spare
is that enough
will it do

we’ve got space for a dresser
if the money will last
but first
a crib and change table
for the nursery

hey I think we’ll get by
won’t our folks
be surprised
they think that we’re lost
but I don’t suppose
we’re so bad

will you dance me
my dear
in this ballroom of ours
I can almost embrace you
when I reach
right around

yes dance with me
bride of mine

between sink
and stove
an orchestra’s playing

© Frank Prem 2009

Small Town Kid Poem 50: from the sticks


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