closing time


the sky
is visible
through the oak tree

that old friend of mine
is closing down
for the cold

I can see now
the companion birds
so well hidden
in the days
of green

as small as a flitter
among falling leaves
adrift on a chilling breeze
that has come
from a somewhere
that must be cradling snow

for it kisses my face
with the love
of a wintry slap


and the sun
has no strength
to do more
than shine weakly now

for the clouds are visible
through my oak tree

that old friend of mine
is closing down
for the cold

© Frank Prem, 2017

June 2017 Poem #09: trench man #3: to the end or until

8 thoughts on “closing time

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      • yes, fall can be a wonderful relief, not only from heat but also for the changing visuals and the reflections and more quiet contemplation – and what a gorgeous image – certainly marries well with your poem – companions in companionable silence – enjoy the views 🙂

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