imaginary cigarettes

I’m inhaling from imaginary cigarettes
each time I breathe in …… it speeds up my heart
for a solitary moment of hope
and a too-rapid rise to the peaks that I used to climb
twenty five times every day

my eyes are a quick side-to-side scanning gyration
searching for the source …… quickly …… any source
then a flexing of fingers …… now moist with the sheen
of sweat that an unrequited rush released

© Frank Prem, 2008


8 thoughts on “imaginary cigarettes

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  2. Me too! When I walk past it, I lean into the smell, remember the sensation, long for, desire, dream of – and yes, I do still dream of the me who used to light up.
    Do we ever get beyond this, or should we always consider ourselves as member of AA who have to say, over and over: My name is Cage, and I am an addict. Forever.

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