finishing school and wedding maths

Poem #44 from Small Town Kid

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#1 finishing school

she was always popular
in the middle of things
and she was a flash
across a hundred yards
on sports days

she met a guy
who drove a loud machine

he used to pick her up
after school
or talk across the fence
at lunch time
and during recess

he kissed her
till it made our eyes pop
with wonder
and whispers

he drove her
all the way
from high school
to maternity

she stopped coming
to classes
then moved away
before the baby arrived

#2 wedding maths

country folk
are highly skilled
at finessing mathematics
complex problems
to simple calculation

start by adding
the number of days
between dispatch of invitations
to blushing of bride

then multiply
the factors suggested
by a hint of swelling
caught in a glimpse
of profile
to raise the inherent probabilities
of every possible date
from conception to delivery

complete the sum
by tut-tutting
at a gown
that should not be
quite so white

© Frank Prem 2009

Small Town Kid Poem 45: libby’s puzzle


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