an aspara-guy song

asparagusa lone asparagus lifted his head
he’d been lying low for the winter

I was just passing
not near but enough
to intercept on the wind
what he said

hello oh my sweet peas
my tomatoes and pumpkins
are you waking
my carrot-topped friends

where have you gone
are you underground
it’s time my dears
to ascend

shuck off the dullness
that lying in frost brings
the humming of bees says the chill
is at end

so put on your green bits
and dance in the springtime

put on your green things
and dance

© Frank Prem, 2010


13 thoughts on “an aspara-guy song

    • Hi Kaz.

      Yep, it’s a bit out of season, actually, but fit the poem.

      If you don’t harvest the spears, they grow tall and open into a fern. This is a young plant, never harvested, but shows some promise.


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