for the (rockfall) record

all right fellas so the sky fell in and here we are a hundred miles down underground let’s assess the situation objectively there’s less of us to pull up than they had in Chile but we’re trapped deeper and it might take longer everything depends on how they weigh the waiting we’re a hundred yards … Continue reading for the (rockfall) record


oh the days fly by like confetti leaves leaping from the safe embrace of autumn trees into the twirl and swirl the crease and curl that is winter soon first the colouring then let go goodbye goodbye they fly security safety that is for spring for summertime and growing but now a chance while the … Continue reading fly

traversing the beechworth gorge

... and then we walked through untidy scrub and paths that needed reinvention across granite monoliths whole through the ages with moss now dry and thirsting lichens clinging unchanged by weather and naked rock showing a clean face and still seeming newly broken at the hands of the engineers, thirty five years after the time … Continue reading traversing the beechworth gorge


it's a big big note explodes across the mutter of audience striking them the so recognisable guitar envelopes and quiets speaks five notes the keyboard almost a whisper against that powerful opening sound then again the guitar those five notes the audience is hushed reverent the spotlight focuses on the guitar not the man five … Continue reading concert