football and law

Poem #39 from Small Town Kid

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woe to those
who meet the policeman
when the bomber boys
don’t kick straight

dragged off the street
slapped in the face
and a foot up the arse
till you’re falling

if it’s saturday
you’d better all be praying
for the bombers to win
or it’s a copper
at war with the world

sergeant mozza o’byrne
stalking the streets
looking for a victim

© Frank Prem 2009

Small Town Kid Poem 40: growing pains


2 thoughts on “football and law

  1. slightly off topic but I remember when I lived in England (1970s)and the test match cricket with Australia was on the tv. The English team captain , a tall blond guy, used to walk the perimeter and raise his hands with the wrists together ( as in wearing handcuffs) and shout to the crowds :”Convicts! Convicts!” The Aussie crowd used to go ballistic! I was always surprised they didn’t throw something at him. Maybe they were afraid the coppa’s would turn up and get them.

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    • That was probably Tony Greig. A South African turned Englishman. He captained England for awhile and retired to Australia to live – long time cricket commentator on TV.

      Bit of a ratbag.


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