Poem #31 from Small Town Kid

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I think I sense
a little weakness
don’t you

she looks
a bit nervous
wouldn’t you say

she isn’t very sure
of herself
that’s obvious

what if we just
ignore her
when she speaks
and do some
clowning around
instead of working

I don’t reckon
she can handle it
what do you think

let’s do something
secret and silly
up the back

she’s started yelling
and she looks red
losing it

she’s brought a newspaper
reading it

instructions on the board
not even trying
to talk to us

I think we’ve got her

is this the first time
it’s happened
it must be

I’ve never seen
one cry
like that before

I wonder
what we can do

© Frank Prem 2009

Small Town Kid Poem 32: holes in pockets


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