for the (rockfall) record

all right fellas
so the sky fell in
and here we are a hundred miles
down underground

let’s assess the situation
there’s less of us to pull up
than they had in Chile

but we’re trapped deeper
and it might take longer
everything depends on how they weigh
the waiting

we’re a hundred yards lower
maybe two days more
allow for sickness and infirmity
and I think we’ve got a show

when they reach us
with a telephone
we’ll ask the officials to attend
our attempt on the Guinness book of cave-in records
we’ll set a record and get a book deal
while we’re waiting

who’s got a quirky story
does anyone have a famous friend
what brought you to the coal mines in the first place

was it for the romance
what do you dream of in the dark
let’s ask for media coaching
while the dragging hours pass

in the meantime just keep waiting
listen for a sound
that isn’t rock-falls raining
always closer

my friends
are you still here with me
somebody needs to speak
because all alone
and all enclosed by darkness
is like a kind of madness

let’s hold on for the record
one more hour
another day
surely someone’s coming down
to find us

hello boys
say hello to me

hello boys



© Frank Prem, 2010


One thought on “for the (rockfall) record

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