at easter

Poem #28 from Small Town Kid

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they’ve started early this year
it’s not yet half-past six
but the main roads are barricaded and attended
to divert traffic

golden balloons are being inflated
to form two vibrant arches
one each side of the main intersection
where the parade will pass
in a homage to the local legend
of a horse shod in golden shoes
back in the days of the rush
when this small town and its rich fields
were a glittering power

the vintage bakery van
is in the street
it’s about a thousand years old
and restored in shining red

last year they offset the wheels
to make it bobble up and down in the parade
on pencil thin tyres
like a clown car

trestles and marquees are being erected
food and music
trinkets craft and produce
all will be on display
before the main event
around noon


and here we are
the family gathered at easter
from melbourne and adelaide
by train and by car
to fill my parents house
with talk and consumption
reminiscence and warmth

we too are celebrating
not easter
but ourselves
the fact of us through the years
and our own legends

later we will witness the parade
visit the family outliers
bask in the pleasure
of this occasional rejuvenation

we will remember ourselves
as we were
and reflect on the paths we have traveled
before returning to witness again
the easter parade

© Frank Prem 2009

Small Town Kid Poem 29: a tricky place (the annual fete)



6 thoughts on “at easter

  1. Your poetry always evokes such vivid images and memories. This one brought back Easters shared with extended family, when the kids were little and easter egg hunts were as much fun for us as it was for them. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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