facade catches

Poem #23 from Small Town Kid

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a clean sound


and the ball is on the way back

time it right


with the ball in hand

hold it up
to the adoring crowd

another batsman
in this crucial game
of myth test cricket

then up the ball goes



the facade is all that’s left
of the first hospital
built in the town
way back in eighteen-something

high up
look closely
inside the granite triangles

the signature markings
of a young boy’s dream
live in the shapes
left behind by a muddy tennis ball
on a solitary day
after rain

© Frank Prem 2009

Small Town Kid Poem 24: sunsets are …


2 thoughts on “facade catches

    • I was amazed a couple of years back, after a long time away, to see the remnant marks of my facade throw/catch sessions still evident as a kind of smeared ochre. Never thought my small activities as a kid would still be around so long after.

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