pumpkin rock terrorists

Poem #21 from Small Town Kid

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Pumpkin Rock at The Gorge

the pumpkin rock is a massive boulder
towering precariously above the tourist road
that encircles the scenic gorge
and wanders through spectacular
granite ranges
allowing visitors to marvel
at views of the most historic gold town
in north-east victoria

visitors should set out from the notable
golden horseshoe monument

for a moment
at the glorious
old gunpowder magazine

take the opportunity
to walk around
the replica slab hut

then drive a little further
to enjoy the vista
of beautiful woolshed creek valley
proceed past the pumpkin rock
and on
until the road ends
above the old tannery
at newtown falls

make the trip
by car or by bus
in less than an hour

enjoy the sights



we apologise
for the unscheduled stop
to clear the road
of suspiciously aligned branches
and medium-sized rocks
too large to be driven over
or around

apologies also
for the sound of laughter
drifting from the top
of pumpkin rock
where two small tourist terrorists
maintain their surveillance
while sharing sandwiches from home
and striking a blow
in revolt against the invasion
of rubbernecks
and sticky noses

Towards Fiddes Quarry – Leanne Murphy

© Frank Prem 2009

Small Town Kid Poem 22: dispatching tiny rubbish (and things like that)




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