pine-dirt tea and stabbing trees

Poem #17 from Small Town Kid

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the girls are sweeping

they’ve built a play house
under the trees
at the back of
the old hoss-ie
derelict hospital grounds
that adjoin the primary school

each lunch-time
they sweep the rooms they’ve created
by laying out red bricks
in a large square

they visit one another

would you care for
dirt and pine-needle tea

simply delicious

and tell me
how is your dolly going

the boys are busy too

six of them
have found sturdy twigs
with the right shape
and a good grip

they are spitting onto bricks
and rubbing the stick
backward and forward

sharpening the ends
to form wicked points
waving their arms
through the air
in a practice motion

when they’re ready
a line forms

the first boy sets off at a run
straight at the soft bark
of a hundred-year-old

he doesn’t stop
but climbs it
using momentum to go higher
than yesterday

at the apex
he stabs the twig
into the tree
leaving it in place
as he comes to ground


the new mark
has been set

© Frank Prem 2009

Small Town Kid Poem 18: spe-lli-ng b-y nu-mbe-rs


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