he would have preferred
to become
and simple

to fly
on the cleanest sky
hindered by nothing

no turbulence
no displacement

but everywhere
the accident occurred
the unexplained
the inexplicable

to keep the questions
to keep the be-ing
from become


duration does not endure
it lives
even in the smallest
of its fragments

what we see
what we know

casting shadows and phantoms
upon the mirror

and who is the deceived
and who
plays the deceiver

it is the one
it is the same

it is what is
and that
is all


he would have preferred
the simple
and the pure

would have preferred
to fly
for his becoming

but he found shadows
slurred across his desire
for clearest skies

and so
to become he must endure
a little more

a little longer

until his phantoms
are ready to become

© Frank Prem, 2017

May 2017 Poem #10: friend (no friend) at the door


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