three faces

the first
was a sudden dog
a small
white-faced thing
with a hanging fringe
of ears

attentive black eyes
everything that passed
on the street

every movement

the second face
was half a man
half his head
hidden behind
the white of the dog
in front

a passenger
in the passenger seat
seeing the head of the dog
from behind

seeing nothing

hearing the news

gazing intently
at white fur
through thick eye-glasses

the third
I don’t know
maybe I just imagined it

a corona

an aura

a halo light
shining three deep
and an edge wider
than that same passenger seat

filtering the spirit world
of coffee and cake
and chatter
and wasp life

a cigarette smoked

welcome to earth
welcome to latte street
welcome …

here comes the driver

© Frank Prem, 2017

May 2017 Poem #07: smile dream poem

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