so handsome (what a guy)

mister red
you are beautiful

oh yes you are

oh mister red
you are so handsome
I know

it’s true

oh mister red
I think
I love you

mmm hmmm

mmm hmmm

it is the first of May
Autumn is being pushed by the passage of days
towards winter

the scarlet robin has materialised
in full colour
red chest
black wings
white diamond across the back

full of bounce
delighted with himself

he has found the side mirror
on my car

and is leap-flying
up and down
in an overt self-admiration

you are beautiful
mister red

aren’t you handsome

mister red

I think

I really think

you’re so dashing
mister red

mister red

an hour has passed
the robin has gone away

only for moments

the image

that so-attractive image
has dragged him back
time and again

could ever have enough
of a sight
so handsome

mister red!

© Frank Prem, 2017

May 2017 Poem #02: dogmatic slumbers

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