Poem #11 from Small Town Kid

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antiseptic tablets
and pee

I suppose
that must be
what the smell is

always accompanied
by the incessant buzz
of fat blow flies
and the wriggling disgust
of yellow-white maggots

of the outhouse
at the back of the garden
as far from the residence
as possible

once each week
the nightman
in his dirty overalls
and smells
stops the truck
lined one side with full cans
the other with empties
outside on the street
in the early hours of morning
or after darkness
has fallen

always running
with an empty can
on his shoulder
up the length of the driveway
to the back
of the garden

a thump
on the outhouse wall
is his warning

open the trapdoor
full one out
swap the lids
new one in
thump the wall
all clear!

hoist the full can
onto the shoulder
to the truck

he tripped once
and fell
all our recent history
exposed and putrid
on the road
in front of the house
where usually
we preferred to keep it
rather more

© Frank Prem 2009

Small Town Kid Poem 12: half-moon at the trapdoor



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