dark substance

https://www.poets.org/sites/default/files/Small-Blue-RGB-National-Poetry-Month-Logo.jpg there is a sleep that comes as nighttime weaves around you patterns moving speckled light against the black shadow substance tears away before your hands if you reach to touch it wraps inside the dream a still-shaped form of you patterns move the play unfolds contorted situations show as real but it’s only nighttime … Continue reading dark substance

A Ritual of Towels

she hangs the towel before the fire he will call down the passage soon and she wants to make it as dry and warm as a touch of comfort on skin still beaded by drops of water rubbing his hair into spikes to comb then story books into bed and a kiss goodnight ~ she … Continue reading A Ritual of Towels

waiting for a picture of the devil

kevin’s just sitting in the waiting room sipping on a litre of liquid apropos of nothing much he says the stuff tastes better here in the private suite than what they give you at the public hospital up the road here they’ll add a little cordial though they’re stricter with the rules only one glass … Continue reading waiting for a picture of the devil

victory (over hornets)

https://www.poets.org/sites/default/files/Small-Blue-RGB-National-Poetry-Month-Logo.jpg I will take courage in my hand and I will weave it into an armour to drape across my shoulders and to cover arms and legs I will take the earnest of my endeavour and I will beat until it fits my head a helmet through which to see my goal I will be … Continue reading victory (over hornets)

you can’t take them with you

Poem #17 from tuesday night at emile's Back to: tuesday night at emile's – Introduction can’t take them with you you can’t take them with you sometimes you want to love them all night long sometimes you want to keep them when they ought to be gone sometimes you want to keep them but you … Continue reading you can’t take them with you