white liars

sulphur-crested cockatoo: cacatua galerita

white liars
are gathering overhead
to shout their stories

white liars
are so crooked
they can’t fly straight

a zig and a zag
beneath the open sky
is the fastest way
to get between two points

if you’ve got a story
fit to tell
don’t keep it to yourself
we want to hear it
just hang down from a branch
and squawk it out

and if you’ve seen
some funny thing
don’t giggle in tiny titters
screech it aloud and scream
turn summersaults
and bob your head about

white liars
are telling stories
to impress a foolish mate

white liars
when their crests sit up
are recounting yarns

white liars
does polly want a cracker

and will you dance
will you dance

© Frank Prem, 2012

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