frenki boy

Poem #4 from Small Town Kid

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mama called me
frenki boy
when I was a child
sometimes she said it
frenki yoy!
to make a point
about trouble I’d be in
if I didn’t stop
what I was doing

yoy meni yoy frenki!! 
I used to get a lot of that
for the life of me
I couldn’t tell what yoy
I might have committed

it was a legacy
left to a small boy
from this other troubled guy
I used to hear about a bit

he was called
isus boga!
or something like that
and the women would make
a sign of the cross
with their hands
when they said it

in the evening
mama would kiss me
and I’d become just
frenki moy

times like that
the day would end

© Frank Prem 2009

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