working for a generation

Poem #3 from Small Town Kid

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a small boy is at play

an older man sits close by
on a chair
in contemplation of what has been done
what progress made

considering the challenge
for tomorrow

a tree has been felled
and a photograph taken
to prove the victory

when the clean-up is done
a garden will be dug
fruit trees planted

the man and his grown son
have laboured
and the days to come
will be the same
when finished
this work will stand
through generations

the boy is crying
calling to be picked up
and held

an encouraging word
and the toddler rises
wandering closer
still sobbing
lying down again
this time at the old man’s feet

his opa picks him up
and holds him
sitting in the chair
at the end
of the day
until the tears have stopped

© Frank Prem 2009

Small Town Kid Poem 4: frenki boy


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