why is the magpie

the magpie
was quietly wardle-ing
speaking his thoughts out

his theme
was the song
his ordle to himself focused on

I wardle because …

that’s just the way
that I am

I wardle for the love
in my heart
that is song

and I wardle when I’m alone

I wardle when I am happy

under the sun
in the rain
up high
in a tree


at a family reunion
I ordle so everyone
can hear me

and sometimes
they join me
we ordle alike
and we wardle
in part-harmony

but mostly I ordle
as something
I can’t live without

I ordle my name
and I sing my songs solo

I can’t tell you why
but ordle
and wardle
are my sounds
and I make them
and they make me



© Frank Prem, 2017

April 2017 Poem #26: being (Shakespeare)

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