Small Town Kid – Introduction

Small Town Kid  is a memoir of growing up within an immigrant family, in a small township in North East Victoria (Australia) from the late 1950’s through into the early 1980’s, that my wife Leanne and I self-published back in 2009.

I wrote these poems to tell the stories of a childhood and youth that had passed from being the everyday of any and every boy, to a no longer accessible ideal within the time it took for me to grow up enough to have children of my own. My stories were like fairy tales to my own young children and I felt some memory of that kind of childhood should be retained.

There are 57 poems in the collection, and they read, more or less, chronologically.

I’ve posted these before, when I first started blogging, but was not happy with what I’d done, so here they are again, and I hope you enjoy my little memoir, as much as I have enjoyed making it available here.

Poem #1: I can hardly wait to show you


5 thoughts on “Small Town Kid – Introduction

  1. I am really liking this collection! I can certainly relate to being a “Small Town Kid” during those years. A different country, but similar memories.That teacher in your post tonight…that poor teacher…he just did not have his act together, did he? I guess that he fell short in recognizing genius in a kid.

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