I can hardly wait to show you

Poem #1 from Small Town Kid

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july is finally gone and I am breathing
in the air of august a taste of weather
that teases promise of days
when the sun is warm again
and the shivers worn since may
can be packed away for another season

I can hardly wait to take you
to the places where my spirit lies
along singing waters and scrubby creeks
the green and granite-bouldered hills
that never stop calling
and won’t let me deny them

I want to show you where I grew
and what I saw when I was small
if something still remains of those things
so clearly drawn as pictures in my mind
of a small boy and his curious dog
with a long way to travel from breakfast
to the distant darkness of evening
on so many shining days

will you walk with me on a balmy afternoon
in the mayday hills and the woolshed valley
along the silver creek and past apple orchards
to the places where rabbits went to ground
at the sound of approaching adventurers
crossing old scars left by miners seeking gold dust
where I also found small treasures once

take my hand in the main street
of this town hewn from honey-granite
I will tell you what once stood here and there
and you might help me rediscover what I knew
when I was in the springtime of my life
before an autumn season comes
to settle on my shoulders

I can hardly wait to show you

© Frank Prem 2009

Small Town Kid Poem 2: oma rocks the cradle


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