victory (over hornets)

I will take
courage in my hand
and I will weave it
into an armour
to drape
across my shoulders
and to cover
arms and legs

I will take
the earnest of my endeavour
and I will beat
until it fits my head
a helmet
through which to see my goal

I will be suited
in a cloth
cut for my purpose

out I go
to face the enemy

I know the place
the location
of their lair

my shovel
I’ll anoint
not with oil
but a special powder

hold my nerve

move stealthy

catch and hold
my rasping breath

brace with all my body

then BANG! the shovel
onto the tunnel mouth

fling the powder
deep inside

then run
before the boil
of yellow black and lethal
rises up
to see which way
I have fled

run run
the better part of valour
is not chivalry
the safety
of a door
between us

I am victory

I am nemesis

I am trouble
for the sting that never rests
in my back yard

that tries to enter
into my kitchen

yah yah

I am victory

© Frank Prem, 2017

April 2017 Poem #21: inside


6 thoughts on “victory (over hornets)

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    • Yes, they’re a very unpleasant insect. and the mildness of our winters in recent times has allowed populations to explode. I had 5 nests to remove over the recent summer. No fun.


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