coming home

Poem #16 from tuesday night at emile’s

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it is so good to see you
such a long time
emile was not able to greet monsieur
when he entered
for the unfamiliar table

the fare has been to the satisfaction
of monsieur?
the waiter attentive?

monsieur will drink the coffee
with emile
non non
it will be so

monsieur has been missed
emile often wonders
what has become
of him
why he no longer
is a visitor to the establishment

has monsieur been away?
is he quite well?
he has perhaps been ill?

it is better
to not speak of such matters

emile remembers last time he saw monsieur
so very worried
and then monsieur is gone
into smoke
such as the foolish chef
emile has had to employ
might make
oh if monsieur only knew
of emile’s trials
the staff
he would shed tears of rage
together with emile

monsieur appears better now
though changed
emile is a sensitive man
can comprehend when the scar
has been placed upon the soul
but monsieur is back
and it is wonderful

even the cicatrix is
in the end
only a marker of the past

next week monsieur
the usual table
emile will ensure no other
has the privilege
to sit at the table of monsieur

emile says welcome

after such passage of time

welcome welcome

© Frank Prem 2003

Tuesday Night at Emile’s Poem #17: you can’t take them with you

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