his name

you cannot know

he said

the weather

you live in houses
huddled in a row for safety
in concrete
on tarmac

you are in shock
when a wet hand
of water
of rain reaches down
and slaps you
as though
you do not matter

I know the storm

he said

I know his name
I watch him grow
his temper swell

I see him

the old man mused

as he approaches closer
crying out
that he has come
for me

I am alone
my shack is small
and it is filled with holes
through which he sends
his early breezes

I name him Tempest
that makes him howl
no-one should know him
for what he is

but it was whispered
in his song
on a day
when he took my home
and the world

I name him
to make him shriek aloud
and cry

he named me
blew me down
then he whistled himself

I know the storm

huddle closer
it may be yet
you could
be safe

© Frank Prem, 2016


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