six ways to measure time …

… on a visit to the big smoke

being overtaken on a six-lane
by a truck in a hurry
for the gain one car length
before it turned off the freeway

noticing the courtesy of a reporter
who has taken to the skies in a helicopter
to inform drivers caught in traffic
they are in a jam

we two holding hands in a run
flat out
across one half of the pedestrian crossing
to then stall at the lights
in the centre of the road

jaw-dropping at the billboards
advertising a new allotment of residential land
going cheap
where the revered green-belt
used to be

recalling one of the places
where I used to live
while circling and unsure
in the new-built roundabout

getting a third song
an old favorite
in the encore
when I had only expected
the one

© Frank Prem, 2015


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