a small conversation

Poem #8 from tuesday night at emile’s

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emile is concerned
monsieur does not seem himself
he has become un-precise in his timing
for two weeks he did not attend at all
on the customary tuesday night
it is becoming difficult
to hold the window table for him
this is after all
a busy establishment
and the appearance of an empty table
in a desirable situation
is not a small thing

and that is not all

monsieur appears more absent-minded
than has been customary
he forgets to bring his glasses
sometimes stands before his table
gazing for long moments
to all parts of the restaurant
other customers have mentioned
they wonder if he is lost
or perhaps some manner of eccentric
it is most concerning

and in attire
there is evidence of deshabille
unthinkable in a gentleman such as monsieur

it was that girl
she is the cause of this
there can be no doubt
if only emile had seen her
before she had so inveigled herself
and monsieur caught off-guard
totally incapacitated to deal with one such as she

something must be done
and yet
monsieur has been such a patron
from even the early days
when business was not so good as now

a little longer certainly
he is worthy of such a consideration

perhaps a few words with monsieur
an expression of solicitude
polite concern

perhaps this would not be too much to do

a small conversation

© Frank Prem 2003

Tuesday Night at Emile’s Poem #9: from the man at


7 thoughts on “a small conversation

  1. this is such an engaging story – you’ve really set us up – caught in the mystery of the routine, the pedantic, the sudden interruption, the shift …. and the marvelous details, I can see these people, these characters, the places …. fantastic Frank – truly wonderful reading 🎇

    Liked by 1 person

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