Prelude #2: spot your chances (lamb and lion)

Poem #2 from Tuesday Night at Emile’s

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out on the street

the mean mean pavement

you have to watch
your eyes wide open

check the bad guy

around the corner

keep a distance from the losers
with nothing for you
and then

you have to
your chances




everybody on the street’s a hustle
some will aim for subtle
some for
use your senses
to find a target
take your time (just take
your sweet time)
work it right don’t count
on second chances

keep your mind well clear
put your tush in the rear
well out the way

of trouble

don’t let them sneak you
from behind


attack is all about defenses
keep yourself armed up
and ready


go go go go


this one’s a lamb


you’re a lion



© Frank Prem 2003

Tuesday Night at Emile’s Poem #3: tuesday night at emile’s


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