I cannot find my rhyme

where did I put it

seems as though it’s gone
long gone

it’s always been
just there
so I could use it anytime
but I must have turned away
just for a minute
and now it’s gone

at the closing of a day
in the middle of a night
when I saw lovers
hand in hand
whenever there were clouds above
fogging up my mind
or when I felt an urge
to sing my song
it was always
right there

maybe it’s on the road now
thumb out
hitching for a ride
down to Melbourne
I can just see some trucker
on a roadside with travelling friends
suddenly declaiming
in couplets

it might have got a ticket
to journey on a train
playing a hand of poker
in the dining car
sipping a scotch
and matching rhythmic movements
with the sway

or queuing at an airport
in a line to have it’s passport stamped
for Vanuatu or Noumea


chasing a long held secret dream
of placing toes
deep into the sand

but I have no clue
to where my rhyme
has gone
it’s no longer where it was

I thought I’d always know exactly
where to find it
but it’s gone and now
I’ve only these few
free associations
to replace it
because that rhyme is
so long

© Frank Prem, 2010

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