socks to tell no tales

Poem #20 from The Book of Evenings

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it is a sock

a grey school-sock
from one of the boys
on the mat outside the front door


herd the boys in
set the packages down
start the kettle
a cup of tea and then
the window is open
not much
but open

it wasn’t left like that

to the bedroom

from the bedside cupboard
huddled on the floor

another sock

drawers open
the bed oddly angled
some things look different
some the same

the lounge room

empty CD holder

the spare bedroom

no lap-top
game-boy and DVDs gone
a backpack
unable to be accounted

mess on the floor

nothing broken
just mess
a vague awareness of absence


send the boys to the neighbors
check all the rooms
under beds
in cupboards
never mind what’s gone
make sure no-one is there

call the police
no tidying till they get there
only a few hours

learn that socks
eliminate fingerprints
the backpack carries the take
this happens
all the time
there is no danger
don’t forget to do the insurance
in the morning

put it out of your mind
go to bed

rest easy

© Frank Prem 2003

The Book of Evenings Poem #21: identification from height

5 thoughts on “socks to tell no tales

  1. There is nothing as unsettling as walking into a situation or place, like home, and knowing something is slightly off, making the realization and then, after the fact, sitting with thanks that no one was home or hurt – but that lingering unease, the sense of violation …. wow, does it leave a very long and bitter and off weirdness in the air and mind.

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