Poem #19 from The Book of Evenings

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she was at the bar with a friend
when he bowled up to say hello
larger than life after all these years
full of bounce

told all that had happened to him
marriages divorces children work play
all in the space of a breath
how wonderful it was to see her
she looked good
have to run
see you again soon maybe

all in the space of a breath that left her without air

so many years

he had left the town young
heard of every blue moon or so
glimpsed in the street sometimes on a family visit

as children they had played
gone to school
kissed on a new year’s eve once
might have grown close but probably wouldn’t have
and then he was gone
into memory
and the wide blue yonder

she had stayed local
worked local
married local
divorced local
under the local eye
a life lived small and contained
but enough

it’s only on days like these
up early to open the shop
to sort papers and stock before the first customers
days like these
with his pleasure at seeing her and his humor
his stories
still bouncing inside her head
she wonders
if it really is enough

if it ever was

© Frank Prem 2003

The Book of Evenings Poem #20: socks to tell no tales

8 thoughts on “enough

  1. nothing quite like the unsettling feeling when someone from the past literally blows in and out and you experience that self-reflection and questioning about what might or could have been, if different choices had been made or opportunities presented; great capture of the swelling rush and wake of such encounters 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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