he would have preferred ribbons

Poem #18 from The Book of Evenings

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but opportunities for ribbons
were few

he thought about other kinds of clasp
holders of one kind
and another
but they wouldn’t do
didn’t convey

in the end
it was rubber bands
thick red ones
slim and stretchy brown
sad yellow

the rubber bands
holding his letters in neat arrangement
collected in their ones and twos
each evening when he checked the mail

even if it was only
a few bills
or a couple of pamphlets
a rubber band brought the news
held the words

he rolled them away from the envelopes
placed them in a kitchen drawer
one band on top of another
one pile beside the next

opened the drawer
every night
from monday through friday
not to disturb
added the newest band
to the latest pile

one day
when she comes
she will see them
and understand

make it
to collect them

© Frank Prem 2003

The Book of Evenings Poem #19: enough


3 thoughts on “he would have preferred ribbons

  1. This is beyond beautiful.. I loved the metaphor you have used to compare the varied emotions with the colors of the rubber band and the sadness it reflects and how it would have brought the happiness has they been wrapped with a ribbon, a gift, instead of just letters.

    Liked by 1 person

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