finding the colour

tomato man
goes chasing the red

green foliage

the tomato repels
he likes that odor
of green
and so
he burrows
among unripened hands
of truss berries

to find there



one nearly ripe
and one full red one

and twist

into the baggie

there will be red
for dinner tonight

there will be salad
with solanum flavors
and juices
to run
out the side of his mouth

the tomato pursuit
has found harvest
amid the smell of the leaves
and the green-black of stems

that awareness
that says

be gross lisse

is smeared and spread
across his hands
and his arms

in the midst
of dense forests
of green
the tomato man
has found red

© Frank Prem, 2017

March 2017 Poem #20: centre-side

7 thoughts on “finding the colour

      • LOL – sorry, I know it’s not fun to wait on fruit and veg – many a time I’ve sat tapping my toes and talking to the plants to get on with it ….. but it’s the way you’ve said here in your comment …. it’s the grumpy bit ….. I’m like just killing myself at the idea of it …. just think, how wonderful they will be when ready for the picking! And yeah, can you bet you’ll be over-run? Always seems to be the case …. anyhow …. hope they start to yield themselves soon 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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