a thickening gloom

Poem #11 from The Book of Evenings

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in late afternoon
two men are walking

a man and a boy

the man is talking
the boy silent

they stop
the boy with his back against a paling fence
the man facing him
speaking urgently

a police car slows
pulls in to the kerb

please step this way sir
while I speak to the young fellow
for a moment
yes sir
I’m sure that’s right
but just stand here for a moment
thank you

the boy responds

it’s all right he’s my father
no there’s no problem
it’s all right

the man

I’m his father
it’s not how it looks

there’s a situation at home
we were just discussing home

the policeman asks again

yes I’m all right

the police car pulls away

the man and boy start to walk
in the opposite direction

the man puts an arm around the boy’s shoulder
the boy rigid

as the last of the sun
leaving a thickening gloom
they turn the corner
and are gone

© Frank Prem 2003

The Book of Evenings Poem #12: lights out

One thought on “a thickening gloom

  1. I can feel the tensions here – it translates well …. and leaves me wondering. Well done – and isn’t this always the case …. the never ending unsolved, unfinished mysteries we can never know, funny how they take on more weight by the evening’s light.

    Liked by 1 person

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