watching the thread

Poem #9 from The Book of Evenings

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he is preoccupied

the image in his hand
is not the best of them

not as good as the blow-up on the wall
beside the wardrobe door
nor the carefree glance
backward across a shoulder
in the gold-edged frame
angled towards him
from the top of the computer box

the best is the shot of body in profile
with face pointed directly at the camera
and set as background wallpaper
on the monitor

so natural
a perfect presentation
of all that is good
of all that is why

this new image
warrants only a lesser location
some place where a reminder
is all that’s needed
and not the detail

he casts an eye around the room
seeking out spaces
identifying potential

extends his senses
to mentally explore each room
in the house

perhaps as part of a collage-lining
inside a drawer
in his bedroom
when he moves his socks
he will see
like an unexpected surprise

that will do very well

it’s so easy
so rewarding
these pictures
what he knows already
what he has still to learn

he will know
will get to know

no photography tonight
just being there
feeling the connection
like fine current
through a thread of live wire
almost seeing it sizzle
from the window
to his eyes

that will be enough

© Frank Prem 2003

The Book of Evenings Poem #10: decisive uncertainty


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