special occasion

Poem #8 from The Book of Evenings

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there is a devil in the detail
he has struggled with all day
still on his mind
as he eases into a seat
on an m-train
his laptop in-between legs
on the floor

he can’t open the evening paper
the train is too crowded and he is tired
as though the demon has sapped him
of wit and of mind
leaving him to rock in a stupor

as sound rushes by
reflected from retaining walls
embankments and spray-can graffiti
on the sides of factories

he sleeps

something in the way
the tune changes
prompts arousal
to the car then to home
break the drive
for a bottle of ruby red
and iris arranged in a spray

hello chick
how you going
yeah I’m tired
these are for you
happy anniversary
no I just want to sit by you
in the lounge
will you let me snuggle up
so I can breathe you
at last
it’s been a long day
and lord I’m glad to be home
to kiss you
and close my eyes
while I touch your hair
I’d rather not eat yet
just sit here beside me
I’m drawing all my strength back
through you

it is a quiet slow meal
candles and merlot
then two for the dishes
shoulder to shoulder
in small talk of the day
and the comfortable static
that runs from a finger
until it touches a finger
and both of them smile
look into the other one’s eyes

he places an arm
around her shoulder
as they angle their way
through the door
along the corridor
to bathroom and bed

tonight it’s an early one
they’ll have friends for dinner
at the weekend

© Frank Prem 2003

The Book of Evenings Poem #9: watching the thread

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