getting lucky

I was talking
to the lottery seller
about the old men
and women

how their dreams
of being lucky
continue on

he said

they come in twice a week
they come in
three times

an octogenarian quick pick
with a string of games
in numbered rows

some for tonight
some more
for tomorrow
and the regular syndicate entry
renewed to play
on Saturday night

Jack comes in
barely keeping up
behind his walker

Ellen parks her scooter
right outside
the agency door

what do they think
they’ll do
if they get a jackpot

it’s not as though
they need material things
or to plan
for growing old

and it’d all end up
I’m sure
with their families
if they won

I think this buying tickets
and chatting
here in the shop
is the social life that’s left
for folk who feel
their usefulness
is gone

but might return
the day
that they get lucky

one big win
and every one
will know them

© Frank Prem, 2017

March 2017 Poem #15: yachts are blue

2 thoughts on “getting lucky

  1. When I was Chairman of a charitable organisation that housed a cafe offering work experience for people with mental health problems, one of the clients asked me if I’d bought my lottery ticket yet. I replied that I never did because I wouldn’t win anything. “There’s a man who won £12,000,000 last week. If he’d had that attitude he wouldn’t have had a chance”. I had to concede to his wisdom.

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