a day away from friday

Poem #4 from The Book of Evenings

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run the raindrops
a race to the car
throw shoulder bag and briefcase
in the back beside the toddler seat
sit a moment
to wipe streaming hair away
from eyes
in a small smear of dark eyeliner
not to worry
there’s a spare pair
of junior-wear overalls
to wipe down face and eyes
wish there was a towel
under the debris
of picture books and toys
at least the day is done

windshield wipers
are almost as good as music
when all that’s wanted
is sound to act as a guide
until arrival at childcare
hello to mothers
hello to staff

hello hello hug me baby girl
hey did you miss me
yes it’s wet and it’s raining
come on
let’s get your things
did you play today
yes I’m listening
tell me

chatter and wipers
rhythm and melody
all the way to the driveway
child and carry-all
shoulder bag and briefcase
and rain
to the front door
where keys are misplaced

lay down the load
instigate a fast search
then inside and the heater
with TV for a minute
while bathroom and thick towel
turn wet hair into dry
by the hard-rubbing magic
of friction
clothes are slipped off
spread on the drying rack
while brassiere and hose
run around to find order
beneath a jumper
slacks and slippers

and talk talk talk
it’s busy in the kitchen
with a chirper full of rat-tat-tat
inquiry and information exchange
operating at full flight

peas and potatoes
with leftover chicken
made warm and cut fine
no forgetting tomato sauce
to make it just right

the bath is warm
and bubbles
with a duck and a doll
some blocks
and a girl
preoccupied for a moment
making a noise like a hum
or a song
and moving something important
from there
over to here
then a grin that shows traces
of sauce and some dinner
that decided to stay but
a washer will change that

close your eyes
here comes the scrubber
you’re clean again
come into the towel now
I’ll wrap you up
like a mouse in a mitten
try to hold still
try to stay there a moment
I’ll help your ‘jammies’ on

do you know what this says
follow my finger with your eyes
while I tell you
you say it now
I’m listening
that’s very good

one more last story
then turn down the light
a cuddle        a kiss
and the blanket tucked in
before quiet steps to the doorway
and a last look
leave a light on in the hall

back to the kitchen
clean up the dishes
set the wash going
pack up toys from the floor
consider tomorrow
what time for childcare
what time for work
what to be packed ready tonight
what the schedule holds
till pick up and home
when at last
it will be friday night
a chance to put feet up
with half of a sleep-in to follow

but that’s still
a day away

© Frank Prem 2003

The Book of Evenings Poem #5: shhh crazy


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