telephone and tabby

Poem #2 from The Book of Evenings

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she is home by five-thirty
says hello to the cat
serves him whiskas
from a can opened yesterday
but not too much
is not a good look
for a tabby

glances at the phone
no messages flashing
no calls while she was away
but the night is ahead
and it might ring
he might get on the line
to say

how are you
do you remember me
we met at the weekend
at so and so’s
and I wondered if you
might meet me
some evening
for dinner

but tonight she’s alone
with another lean meal
from a packet in the freezer
it seems a bother to cook
when there is only
herself and tab
who is already fed
and looking for a best place
to curl up where it’s warm

in front of the TV is good
for them both
later she’ll wash out the smalls
run an iron across
the white blouse of Wednesday
with flowers embroidered
on the collar
in a pale shade of sky

time will pass by
will go quickly enough
with an occasional look
at the phone
until half-ten has set sail
the movie is done
and all of the news updated

she sings to herself in the bathroom
long-brushing her hair
at this time of night
like a schoolgirl
in flannel-warm pyjamas
and long dressing gown
turns in a dance-step
that deposits the toothbrush
in a teddy-bear mug
while she pictures him
in her mind
only this time he’s holding her

la la
la la

she glimpses again the silence
that broods around the telephone
gathers the bed-book
turns to page
seventy-nine without dog-ears
then lies down
for ten minutes of reading
ten minutes more half-hoping
turns the light out
rolls on her side
and whispers

goodnight master cat

© Frank Prem 2003

The Book of Evenings Poem #3: the interview

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