the pursuit

he is chasing
a moment of brilliance

a sparkle
a shine
that surprised a gleam
on the horizon

so far away
so near
he could almost reach out
to touch


a moment of
thought bright and clear

is chasing the story
of how pen
can create poem

chasing inspiration
a telling
an idea
the seed
of a tale


he is chasing

I am chasing

an intuitive moment

my own special something



the air

a feeling in the air

the taste

a taste

that burned

of the fire

right before him

just there before me


so near

it is close

so far away

it’s so very far away

he could almost hold it

I almost grasped it  – once

in the palm

in the palm

of his hand

of my hand

© Frank Prem, 2017

March 2017 Poem #7: just a moment

9 thoughts on “the pursuit

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