sleep on

From a series of meditations for : the Pilgrim
Back to the Pilgrim – Introduction

don’t listen too hard
to your dreams
you should know you will not stop traveling
simply because of slumber

dreams are a chance perceived
every night a new gamble

you will not always know
if you’ve won or lost
or what they mean
but dreams
will lay the way
in mist and smoke before you

stay true
to your heart
don’t surrender your good reasons
or shy from a troubled moment

for in these restless visions
true meaning might be obscured
within an instant

sleep on
dream your chances

© Frank Prem, 2005

The next piece in this meditation is: progress


5 thoughts on “sleep on

  1. Fortuitous timing one might say.

    I’ve been having the worst dreams for ages now, and they are getting stranger and more disturbing, and I dream very vividly – lucidly – which makes it all harder to deal with any of it. And so finding this interesting “gem of a piece” a few hours after an afternoon nap and another “bad dream” just makes me smile and feel lighter.


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