the gentle art

a gentle science fiction
has taken me
from small town
to the sky

it doesn’t want much
to get me there
just a jet pack
and a helmet

perhaps a bubble
filled with oxygen
and me
that rises


maybe I just thought
the thought
of floating
above the blue orb

I only saw it
as a speck
such as grit
removed from the eye
of Sol

and spun away

I believe that I imagined
within a sleek and silver tin can
in some other galaxy
in the fight of my life

how about that
just one second out
of warp speed
into a dogfight

pow pow pow

pow pow pow

in the middle of the darkest space
turning round
running for home

so much for

science fiction
is the seat-of-my-pants
the shields are down

(oh no)

communications off
and no-one cares
about me

to shoot me
without hesitation
back to earth

to eat me

the hell with this

science fiction

I’m going to turn my mind
to a yacht
in brilliant white
sailing on blue
running smooth
as a dream

you and I
a peaceful harbor

and at night
the shooting stars

of returning debris
from some
gentle science

© Frank Prem, 2017

March 2017 Poem #3: goodnight colours


4 thoughts on “the gentle art

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